I recently had the pleasure of working with Bob at AZ Valley Lending to purchase a new home. A little background, I had started the financing process with a different company on April 12th of this year and the originally estimated closing date was May 23rd. Due to complex requirements specific to the location to which I was purchasing the other lender was not able to complete the financing process and did not notify me until May 26th, a few days after my closing date. I frantically went online to try to find another lender to start the process all over again. During this process I narrowed it down to two new lenders and luckily Bob was one of them. When comparing the two good faith estimates, Bob's estimated settlement charges were a few thousand dollars less and the interest rate was a quarter of a point lower when compared to the closest competition. Once I gave Bob the green light to move forward he quickly swooped in to save the day. (A little dramatic I know but that is what it felt like) The process was straightforward from a paperwork perspective where Bob took the time to walk me through every question both via email and on the phone while being flexible enough to work around my hectic work schedule. He also dutifully served as my liaison between the two realtors, my insurance agent, the HOA, and the previous finance company to: - Properly set closing timeline expectations - Provide regular status updates to all parties as we progressed - Communicate any outstanding items and the party responsible - Reuse items I had paid for with the previous lender reducing my overall out of pocket costs Most importantly, although he knew I was in a tight spot it did not feel like he was taking advantage of the situation. In fact, he was a calming presence during this stressful time. My final settlement charges were lower than the originally estimated settlement charges and the process was completed quickly when compared to industry standards despite my complex and unique situation. I gave Bob the green light on June 17th and the docs were at the Title company for signing by July 29th. That included 10 days of time where he was waiting on me to upload my personal and requisite documentation. (See hectic work schedule comment above) I am definitely going to use AZ Valley Lending again. Oh, have I mentioned that I have never met Bob in person? I feel lucky to have stumbled upon AZ Lending via bankrate.com. You typically only enjoy this sort of top rate customer service from someone you have known for years and it appears he extends this level of service to all his clients. -Shaun

9 years ago

Working with Bob was one of best experience. Being a first time buyer and not being aware of all the lending terms Bob made my Mortgage shopping way easy than I even imagined. Bob not only helped me on my loan but educated as well about all mortgage terms and explained me all the required details. Response time was always best, every time I send him an email ,reply was within next 5 Minutes. He even gave me proper suggestions to choose correct rates for my home when I was freaking out about the rate change. My Loan process closed within 10 days which was unexpected from which I heard from my friends who were asking me to keep myself mentally ready for end time loan approvals. I was so happy to work with Bob and definitely going to recommend him to my friends and family when they will be in need of purchase. Thanks, Suket P

10 years ago

As we refinanced our mortgage and got the best rate, we wanted to thank you for the high professional job you made for us. Our case wasn't the simplest case so we truly appreciate everything you've done for us so very much! We succeeded together so we thank you and wish you all the best! Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

10 years ago
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor